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Prod. Code: 3K GSK

Governor and HD Exhaust Spring Kits

The Peak Diesel Performance Governor Spring Kit is a special combination of Bosch springs and Peak's unique design on seats.

The GSK 3000  is designed to allow your pump to rev past factory settings without compromising pump safety. The 3K GSK (3000 rpm Governor Spring Kit) works exceptionally well with standard transmission trucks, allowing you to shift at a higher rpm which then allows you to come back into your next gear at a higher rpm.  This allows for smoother shifts, less torque on the transmission, and  better towing capability.  The 3000rpm gsk is specifically designed to work with the Dodge Cummins 12 Valve.  The Dodge Cummins was equipped with a P7100 Bosch Fuel Injection Pump from 1994-1998.  Some would argue that the Dodge Ram Cummins in these particular years was the best built,with the most horsepower and the most pulling power ever produced by Chrysler.

The 4k GSK is a specially built kit for the Dodge Cummins 12 Valve P7100 Fuel Injection Pump.  This kit is specifially designed for racing and is not recommended for daily driving or towing applications.

Heavy duty exhaust valve springs are required for the safety of your engine when you are upgrading your Bosch P7100 fuel pump to include a 4K Governor Spring Kit.  


3K GSK includes 4K GSK includes GSK4000HDVS includes

2 large springs

2 medium springs

2 seats



2 large springs

2 medium springs

2 small springs

2 seats



6 heavy duty exhaust springs




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