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Peak Diesel Performance is proud to introduce the new Colt Cam collection of Camshafts for the Cummins 5.9L B Series Engine.  Colt Cams Inc. has been working to develop some pretty fantastic camshafts. They dyno tested approx. 50 different combinations of profiles using different durations, lobe separation and installed centerlines.  The end result is the masterpiece nicknamed the "Big Stick".  Posted below are the specs for both the stock and their performance grinds but this just scratches the surface of the cam's characteristics.  Ramp velocity and accleration play a key part in how a cam performs.  Cummins run a mushroom type lifter that allows us a ramp speed that most valvetrains could not handle.  These new profiles were meant for driveability.  The "Big Stick" is usually big enough for even the toughest truck bogs and pulls.  However, there is no compromise to the driveability: in fact we have seen an average of 2-3 mpg increase, 30-35% smoke decrease and a 200° EGT drop.  All our cams are ground with an installed Center Line to Clear Valve to Piston (Always check this especially if you have decked the block)



Cummins 5.9 Cam Spec
    Duration Cam Lobe Description
Prof. I.D.#   @ .050 ADV. Lift Sep
  INT. 159°   0.235 102 Stock 2nd Generation 12V 1994-1998.5
  EXH. 204°   0.263    
  INT. 159°   0.235   Stock 2nd Generation 24V 1998.5-2002
  EXH. 206°   0.297 107.5  
  INT. 163°   0.237 98.5 Stock 24V C.R. 2003-2007
  EXH. 191°   0.299    
Stage 2 INT. 175°   0.251 104 New Torquer Cam (Better exh. Flow)
  EXH. 210°   0.307   $325.00
Stage 3 INT. 181°   0.280 106 H.D. Big Stick best all round power Cam
  EXH. 210°   0.307   $375.00
Follow Cummins installation instructions, use adequate amounts of assembly lube and add GM EOS or Kirban performance ZDDP plus to ensure no break-in damage due to the new low zinc oils on the market.   
Cam Lube on all lobes, lifter faces, distributor gears and oil pump gears. 
Oil all bearing journals and lifter barrels. 
Always turn engine over by hand before starting, check for clearances and proper timing location. 
Fire up to 1800 – 2000 rpm. for 18 – 20 minutes. 
Note: Most oil companies have taken out a percentage of additives that are meant for anti-scuffing for break in on flat tappet cams.
 Always add a bottle of EOS (Engine Oil Supplement) to your oil before fire up on new engines.

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