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RaceMe Ultra

Prod. Code: RaceMe Ultra

Price:  $1,549.00

Product Description

RaceMe Ultra


RaceME ULTRA – Dodge / Ram Cummins Diesel 6.7L (2007.5-2018)


All Pickup Models 2007.5-2018
All Cab & Chassis Models 2007.5-2016


  • Modern Design with Touch Screen Functionality And Range Of Gauge Monitoring Options
  • Includes Necessary Hardware For Unlocking 2013 Which Is Done As Part Of The Program
  • No Special / Complicated Unlock Procedures Required, Connect Necessary Cables And Install Tune!
  • Tune Uses Latest High-Speed Transfer, Usually Takes 7 Minutes Max!


  • Monitor Comes With User Defined Layouts/ Dashboard
  • Memory Supports All Files From 2007 And On
  • No Reloading / Changing Files Required For Installing On Different Year Models, All Inclusive
  • Updateable Software Downloads
  • Updatable With Customer Friendly Update Using MicroSD, Simply Load The Update File Onto Card, Reinsert And Update Unit
  • Disables Entire EGR By Turning Off Without Removing Any Parts ( Hard Part Removal Recommended And Supports Removal Of Entire EGR System Including Valve And Cooler With No Trouble Codes)
  • Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Disable The DPF/DEF System And ALL Related Sensors – No Sensors Required To Be Plugged In Or Installed In Race Exhaust
  • Late Injection Events (Post Injection) Is Disabled On All Tunes
  • Speedometer Recalibration For Use Of Non-Stock size tires
  • Remove / Adjust Top Speed Limiter
  • Tune engine HP increases of up to 200HP in 10 stages (NOTE: Power increase maximum differs between model years)
  • EGT sensor optional accessory to monitor accurately up to 2200 degrees F
  • Stage 0 has stock power without DEF/DPF/EGR and no options, simply stock for the careful user
  • End User Customizable Injection Timing For Better Economy And/Or Power
  • Special ECM Recovery Functions In The Event Of A Programming Sequence Being Disrupted Or Ending With A Fault

Pyrometer Kit Sold Separately.

This product is for competition use ONLY.
Not intended for use on any street driven or offroad vehicle.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

Electronic Performance


Race Me

Vehicle Make


Vehicle Year

Dodge 2007.5-2015, Dodge 2016-2018


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